Student Drop off/Pick up

Student Drop-off & Pick-up

Student Drop-off/Pick-up

If you are bringing your child to school or picking your child up at the end of the day, please use the side parking area. This area is designed so that students can exit a car in the morning and enter the building directly into the cafeteria (W25). When entering the parking lot, please turn to the left and circle through the parking lot to the cafeteria doors. Drop-off should not be prior to 8:10 AM and no later than 8:20 AM. Staff will not be at the doors to the cafeteria (W25) until 8:10 AM. If you arrive after 8:20 AM, you must escort your child into the main office and sign him/her into the building. School starts promptly at 8:20 AM. All students must be in class by 8:25 AM or they are recorded as late to school.

Parents/Legal guardians or Designee use the same doors(W25)to pick-up their child at the end of the day. We will request a written note from you in order for the child to be a car rider.  Please indicate if this will be daily or a one time pick-up. 
In order to keep the entrance to the school campus open, we ask that you drive to the far end of the Middle School and enter the campus by the old football field. This will bring you around the back of the Middle School past the Administration Office to the Intermediate School parking lot entrance.
Students will be called to the cafeteria to wait for parent arrival at 3:00 PM.  We ask that you remain in your car and a staff member will be outside to identify you and radio into the building for your child to be dismissed. 

If you are coming to school during the school day, we ask that you park your car in the side parking area and walk to the main entrance. Since the front circle is used for recess and Physical Education classes, we ask that you do not drive into the front circle.

No child will be released unless a parent/legal guardian or designee comes into the school office and signs that student out. Only people who are parents/ legal guardians of a student or those designated by the parent/legal guardian will be permitted to take a student off school property. Please do not be offended if school personnel ask to see identification and take a few minutes to verify that the student may be released.

Student safety is our major concern!