Computer science


Welcome to SEIS Computer Science!! The students in South Eastern School District are a fortunate group of students who are learning basic programming skills at a young age, in a fun way.  What better way to prepare for a life in the 21st century. 

At SEIS, computer science classes meet one day a cycle as a special area class.  

Fifth grade students  will use, Course F, to create algorithms and debug issues within programs.  They will learn how to program nested loops, events, variables, and conditionals using block based coding. They will learn how to create and run simulations while changing variables to see the influence on the outcome. All of this work requires and builds a plethora of skills such as understanding cause and effect, problem solving, sequencing, and strong critical thinking skills.  We will also integrate and program hardware, such as Micro:bits . Our journey will continue with some surprises along the way... 

Sixth grade students start a middle school level programming course and will continue the course through eighth grade.  Computer Science Discoveries introduces students to the basics of how computers function. During the first semester, students learn the IOSP (input, output, storage, process) model and analyze apps to determine how the IOSP model relates. At the end of the unit, students design an app, to solve a problem that incorporates methods in inputting, outputting, storing, and processing of information.
The second semester introduces students to web design.  They will be introduced to two languages, HTML and CSS. Students will create a basic web page, in various stages, with these new languages. 

Lessons on digital citizenship will also be taught throughout the year. 

Report cards grades will be issued twice per year as a mid-year grade and an end-of-year grade.