Staff Directory

2020 - 2021

Intermediate Staff Directory

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Office Staff

Jon Horton Principal

Trish Trahan  Secretary to the Principal ext. 3803

Ashley Hushon 

Attendance Secretary

ext. 3800

 Ellie Edman  Psychologist  ext. 3805
 Mirander DeLauter  SS Coordinator  ext. 3011

Guidance Staff


Guidance Secretary

ext. 3830

Jennifer Meckley

 Guidance Counselor

ext. 3831

Sarah Curry

Guidance Counselor

ext. 3832

Teaching Staff

Colleen Bynion

5th Grade

ext. 3404

 Alana Amspacher

5th Grade

ext. 3307

Andrew Diehl

5th Grade

ext. 3406
 Kari Dolinger

5th Grade  ext. 3403

Andrew Gideon

5th Grade

 ext. 3408

Stephen Maciejewski

5th Grade

 ext. 3308

 Lisa Moose

5th Grade 

 ext. 3306 

Brittany Pabis

5th Grade

 ext. 3402


Danyiel Wise

6th Grade 

ext. 3204 

Jennifer Alt 

6th Grade 

ext. 3103

April D'Andrea

6th Grade

 ext. 3101

Brian Brenneman

6th Grade

 ext. 3108

David Kline

6th Grade

 ext. 3102

Karen Kline

6th Grade

 ext. 3205

Crystina Warner

6th Grade

 ext. 3107

Jeffrey Weakland

6th Grade  ext. 3104
Heather Swadley

Learning Support  ext. 3202
Carissa Stottlemyer

Learning Support  ext. 3304

Lela Neidert

Learning Support

 ext. 3303

Alexa Anderson

Learning Support

 ext. 3208

Terri McCormick Learning Support

 ext. 3206

Amber Copenhaver ES - 5th/6th Grade

 ext. 3203

Tracey Fowler Computer Science

 ext. 3405

Scott Shaffer 


 ext. 3840

Karen Starr


 ext. 3407

Amy Best


 ext. 3891

Nicolle Shearer
LTS Oliver Fairly


 ext. 3891

Amy Stoltzfus
LTS Janet Huntzinger


 ext. 3863


Elizabeth Miller

Health & Physical Ed

 ext. 3861

Eric Shive

Health & Physical Ed

 ext. 3860


Carl Dietrich

Gifted Education

 ext. 3106

Lori Jankowiak
 LTS Justice White

5th Grade Math Interventionist



Nicole Golden

6th Grade Reading Specialist

 ext. 3207

Pam Hobbs

5th Grade Reading Specialist

 ext. 3301

Heather Miller


 ext. 3820

 Lou Ann Hill

Health Room Aide

ext. 3820


Renee Pomraning Instructional Aide 

Karen Kandeel Instructional Aide 

Debi Waltrup 

Instructional Aide

Mara Parks

Instructional Aide

Rosalie Zell

Instructional Aide

Jennifer Miller

Instructional Aide

Teri Carter-Shrewsbury 

Instructional Aide

Beverly Smith

Cafeteria - Head Cook

Lorriane Boardwine

Food Service - Chartwells


Carl Harris 


Rose Franklin


Ashley Faulth 


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