Intermediate Physical Education


South Eastern Intermediate School



South Eastern IntermediateSchool ’s Physical Education Department offers a quality physical education program to students, 4 days a cycle in 6th grade and 5 days a cycle in 5th grade. The program gives students the opportunity to enjoy physical activities of all kinds, improve their physical fitness levels, develop their physical skills and feel good about themselves.

Each student’s success in physical education depends upon cooperation and effort. It is important for the student and parents to realize that Physical Education class is not recess. It is a class, and the gymnasium is the classroom. Activities are taught and practiced with supervision and correction. The students are then tested in both skills and rules to determine mastery. Regardless of athletic ability a true effort, proper behavior, and a good attitude are expected in the Physical Education classroom.

Changing Clothes

Each student is required to change clothes for activities, then change back into their school clothes. The proper physical education uniform for 5th and 6th grade students should consist of the following items: 1) t-shirt (RAMS t-shirt - can be purchased throughout the year for $5) 2) blue athletic shorts 3)socks 4) gym shoes (safe and appropriate athletic foot-wear, not “fashion” shoes). 

 Each student will be issued a lock and locker in the locker room to secure their belongings.  Students have a choice to bring their own combination lock if they choose.  The combination must be shared with the P.E. teacher to keep on file.  All locks are the student's responsibility.


The grades in physical education are based on the following:

Each day of physical education, students are given 5 points.  Points are deducted when a student does not fulfill the requirement in one or more of the following areas:
1. Attire: Students must change into appropriate clothing and remove all jewelry.  The maximum points a student may earn daily is (3) in this category.
2. Participation: A true effort, regardless of athletic ability, is expected in all activities.  Proper behavior, a good attitude, and teamwork are assessed here.  The maximum points a student may earn daily is (2) in this category.

At the conclusion of a unit, students can be assessed through a variety of tools.  (Written or Skill Assessment)


The physical education department will honor a written excuse, if reasonable, from a parent. A formal doctor’s note is required if a student is to be excused for more than a week. If a student gets sick or injured during school, an excuse from the school nurse would be honored as well.